A very serene, cool walk on one of the days when the

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cheap Canada Goose (According to a new book, something called “racialized economics” contributed to the “diploma divide” the gap between the way that less and better educated white people voted.)In Moore’s film, which the director narrates with a mix of outrage and humor, there’s canada goose outlet toronto location plenty of blame to go around: Vladimir canada goose outlet boston Putin canada goose outlet 2015 gets name checked, as does James B. canada goose outlet ottawa Comey and Gwen canada goose parka outlet uk Stefani. The filmmaker argues, not entirely tongue in cheek, that the announcement of Trump’s candidacy may have been a stunt to convince NBC brass that he deserved a raise canada goose outlet buffalo for “The Apprentice,” after he learned that singer Stefani, a coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” made more money than he did.Trump, canada goose outlet vancouver Moore argues, canada goose jacket outlet uk was never serious about running.But although canada goose outlet locations in toronto Moore cracks wise, he’s dead serious about his central thesis, canada goose outlet parka which presents Flint, Mich., as a microcosm of the country, using the city’s disillusionment with politics as usual a direct canada goose outlet online result of the water crisis there as an explanation for why Trump won. cheap Canada Goose

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