He felt that they were being unfairly sidelined by the G40

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A fairly amazing feat!Well at that time rape was considered differently to now.”Rape is the carnal abusing of a woman against her will. But if the woman conceive upon any carnal abusing of her, that is no rape, for she cannot conceive unless she consent.”Sir Henry Finch, Law or Discourse Thereof (1627)That is if the woman “quickened with child” then it was found no rape had occurred. Not so different in some regards to today I guess.If the woman was a daughter below the age of consent or a wife then it was the male patriarch that would lay charges.

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BARBEE: Well, we got here because a group of military officers took it upon themselves. The head of the Zimbabwean defense force, the ZDF, said enough is enough. He felt that they were being unfairly sidelined by the G40, which is the 40 year old Zanu PF young people coming into the fore.

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