And, unfortunately he has also become known as the patron saint

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moncler jacket online This also came from a moncler sale outlet tradition in Catalonia in Spain of which St George is also a patron saint where women would give men cheap moncler jackets sale a book and receive a rose in return on the feast day.William Shakespeare is thought to have been born and died on the same date as St George, so you can celebrate with games and acting workshops at the Globe Theatre as well as traditional hog roasts cheap moncler outlet and moncler sale medieval themed frolicking.Who was St George?The patron saint of England has become famous from stories that he slayed a dragon and saved a distressed maiden.But actually very little is known about his life that is not myth and legend.He is believed to have been born in Palestine in the 3rd Century AD to Christian parents and is also the patron saint of many other places around the world.St George is thought to have first lived in Lydda, near modern day Tel Aviv.He was a soldier in the Roman Army like his father and quickly rose up the ranks. He was later tortured and a number of medieval tales detail the awful punishments moncler outlet store he was said to have endured including being boiled and crushed between spiked wheels because he refused to give up his Christian faith.Jeremy Corbyn says St George’s Day and other national days would be UK wide bank holidays under LabourHe was executed on the 23rd April 303 AD for refusing to stop being a Christian when asked by Emperor Diocletian who had begun a campaign against Christians.St George is believed to have been dragged through the streets of Lydda in Palestine and then beheaded for refusing to renounce his faith.His life and suffering also inspired medals for valour and bravery.The George Cross is the highest such award that a civilian can earn and is awarded for extraordinary bravery and courage in the face of extreme danger. The George Medal is second behind it.Both medals depict the patron saint slaying the dragon atop his mighty steed, as detailed in myths about the patron saint.Other things St George is the patron saint of include farmers and other agricultural workers, butchers, horses, horseriders and saddlemakers, and also soldiers.He was also later made patron saint of Scouting because of his ideals.And, unfortunately he has also become known as the patron saint of a number of diseases including herpes, leprosy, skin diseases and syphilis. moncler jacket online

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