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They’re accountable. If you’re a manager trying to decipher a bungled report, “It’s not my fault” is the most irritating phrase in the English language. Exceptional employees are accountable. One time, they hired a hot girl with zero experience to ride alongside us on a jet ski. It went about as well as you would expect, with her almost drowning several times. During rehearsal for another job, I was told to hang upside down in a half body harness 80 feet above a concrete floor..

To nail down where that discretionary money goes (no, it doesn\u2019t vanish with your left sock in the laundry) during this three month period, keep the receipts from every single purchase and put them in a box next to your computer. Each month as you pay bills, identify those expenses that recur and create new categories as necessary. Estimate the cost of extras such as vacations, and add those to the expense side of the ledger.

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There are several ways you can deal with this situation, but firstly know that with some people it may take a little time. One way, is to try and introduce process around your UX work. This is not to say you need a heavyweight process. Bad shows haven’t gone away, we just stopped writing about them as much. That’s one way critics in 2018 can cope with peak TV bombardment, by cherry picking the conceptually provocative or socially buzzy shows and tossing aside the mediocre ones. After all, there are only so many ways to say “meh.”.

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