Both presidential candidates got mentions on FOX and Friends

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moncler outlet sale Now these videos, foreigners coming to Iraq facing justice needs to be publicised. There no gulf twist of “oppressed moncler jackets men innocent Sunni civilians” to twist here. A hard and very public stance is needed. Both presidential candidates got mentions on FOX and Friends First this morning 7/7/08, but Obama’s coverage was negative while McCain’s was glowing. In fact, Obama’s “flip flops” warranted an entire segment (that also allowed the crew to cast aspersion on the New York Times) while McCain’s flip flop on offshore drilling was given a tacit nod of approval. The McCain segments echoed an ad run by the RNC and one segment actually featured an embedded ad by Vets for Freedom.. moncler outlet sale

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cheap moncler Throughout both segments she recited a litany of anti choice talking points about federal dollars spent on Planned Parenthood which, despite Lila’s sting video, moncler outlet ny has not been proven to be the statutory rape abettor than the anti choicers fantasize about. In order to validate the pro choice agitprop, Ingraham brought in fellow attorney Wendy Murphy who is an advocate for rape victims. She’s such an advocate for rape victims that she had no problem with Bill O’Reilly’s speech to a rape victim’s advocacy organization after he once had suggested that a rape/murder victim was, as they say, “asking for it.” (“So every predator in the world would pick that up.”) She also had no problem with her pal O’Reilly sending out his stalker to accost the female blogger who dared to report on the seeming contradiction between O’Reilly’s words and his spokesperson role cheap moncler.


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