Everything else you said is mere conjecture or opinion on your

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cheap Canada Goose You’re not being rational. All animals eat animals. That is the correct and natural state of affairs. You need to stop attaching your life to ‘virtue signaling” SJW nonsense, open your eyes, look at the world as it exists, and eat a balanced diet that includes animals. It’s the right thing to do for your body, and it’s the right thing to do for your mind. Eat vegetables, eat beef in moderation, chicken and fish are amazingly good, and your body, which could give a rat’s ass about virtue signaling SJW nonsense, will respond by growing beautifully and properly. canada goose outlet near me Stop being irrational. Reality will punish you. canada goose jacket outlet sale Your body was designed by evolution to digest meats and veggies. Eat them and stop being stupid. 80% of all vegans return to meat eating because it’s just a bad way to live. Don’t be a fart canada goose outlet uk sale machine. Your intestines are signaling you that your vegan diet canada goose victoria parka outlet isn’t virtuous. cheap Canada Goose

Nope, you are completely misunderstanding NTT. You are applying your own rigid definition of trait and ignorantly assuming that’s what it means in the context of NTT. Sorry, but your definition of trait is NOT the definition NTT is using. Human IS a trait and you are free to name it as a justification. The trait can be “human”, “because the bible said so”, “because the wall in my room is red”, literally anything.

canada goose clearance sale Once a trait is established, NTT seeks to ensure you are applying that trait consistently. There is nothing fallacious and nothing emotional about it. It’s literally a logical consistency test, nothing more and nothing less. I suggest you actually listen and try to understand how it works rather than inject your own ignorant assumptions into it. canada goose clearance sale

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There is no “your definition” or “my definition”. There is THE definition: “a distinguishing quality or characteristic”. A trait is a particular characteristic of an entity. A human being is not a trait. Discussing traits in relation to a canada goose jacket outlet human rights is logically incorrect. There are no traits. There is only the holistic concept of a human being to which the concept of rights is applied. Rights do not apply to traits. Rights apply to our entire species. A human being has rights. His brain doesn’t have rights. His heart doesn’t have rights. His eye color does not have rights. There are no traits to consider. The holistic complete human being is what gets the rights. You do not break a human into little conceptual pieces to find the piece that enables the rights. That is incoherent and absurd. Name the trait is irrational as an approach. Throw it away.

canada goose deals A trait is simply a little piece of something to focus on. You don’t do it in reverse. A human being is NOT the set of the trillions of attributes one can isolate conceptually. So forget about name the trait. It is an exercise in absurdity and incoherence. canada goose deals

Just accept the reality that your,position is arbitrary and emotional, nothing more. If you want to persuade others to treat animals nicely because you like animals, just go,with that. There is no name the trait. That’s just a silly thing.

Canada Goose Outlet Have you ever taken a philosophy canada goose outlet eu class? Words can have many definitions in different contexts, especially in philosophy, where the normal use of words is quite often changed. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets Additionally, humans most definitely ARE a constellation of traits. To deny this is quite frankly absurd. It sounds to me that you canada goose uk are creating this emotional, science denying stance of what you think a human is that has no basis in reality or any coherence whatsoever, so you need to drop it. All beings and all entities are in their totality a constellation of traits. And you can either name these traits individually or name the entity itself, which is the case with the trait “human”. Canada Goose Jackets

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Canada Goose online Relativism and canada goose outlet in canada obfuscation are not your friends. A trait canada goose outlet germany is simply an element of something upon which a human decides to set their mental focus. It is a human tool for understanding the environment. To imply that a human being, or a rock, or Alpha Centauri, is the sum of all the individual aspects that we could decide to focus on is not only absurd, but silly. The actual philosophical error you are making is asserting the primacy of consciousness. In effect, that consciousness is antecedent to existence. I am not going to write a book canada goose factory outlet here, but you’ve got canada goose outlet store near me it backwards. Existence exists, independent of consciousness. A thing is what it is, regardless if you or anyone else notices it, canada goose outlet michigan and regardless of which parts of it you decide to exercise your focus. That focus yielding subdivisions or elements that we denote with the term “trait”. An canada goose outlet existent in reality is not a “constellation of traits”. That is utter nonsense. Consciousness is subordinate to existence. A thing in the universe is not the sum of all canada goose coats uk the things upon which we could decide to focus. Silliness! Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale As someone who has worked in a zoo, let me tell you straight up that you wrong. Most people I know who work in zoos or animal sanctuaries would agree. Animals are happier in the wild (this can be discerned from clear behavioural differences in wild vs captive animals) and typically healthier as well. disease, injury from handling). canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale Animals are the product of a long term process of adaptation to a particular environment. To argue that any given animal behaviour, physiology and psychology is better adapted to thrive in an artificial structure in a major city (where most zoos are found), as opposed to their natural habitat in which they are an essential element, is essentially denying the process of evolution. Even for species that are at threat of extinction due to degradation of their habitat, taking them into captivity is not always a good idea, but I not that interested in debating the minutiae of endangered species protection with you. Such species make up a minority of zoo animals in any case, because the animals that need protection the most are usually not the animals that will be most profitable to display. canada goose coats on sale

It quite clear you have no idea what you are talking about, either in theory or practice. I could ask you what school of philosophy you subscribe to that affords animals no rights, and how you so certain that you correct. I could ask what makes you think people in the zoo business take excellent care of animals, and what this care entails in a world where animals have no rights. I could discuss with you whether or not the educational opportunities provided by zoos are actually as great as you seem to think, and whether or not they could be replicated without caging sentient creatures. I could. But ya know, what the point? You canada goose outlet toronto location so confident in your own ignorance I don think a rational discussion is on the cards.

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Canada Goose sale And as someone with 2 eyes who sees animals in the perilous chaos of the wild and alternatively in the zoo setting, I am going to assert that animals have it far better in the zoo setting. Regardless of your employment record. Since you are presumably a proponent of veganism, may I suggest that you are seeing things through a filter that predisposes you to automatically condemn confinement of animals by human beings? Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap The school of philosophy that I ascribe to that disallows applying rights to animals is basic logic and understanding of what the concept “rights” refers to, where it comes from, and to what it applies. In other words, reality. Animal rights is an incoherent term and is self contradictory. Treating animals nicely is simply something we should do because our lives are canada goose outlet new york improved when we don’t have to be exposed to death in a visceral fashion. It’s just not pleasant to be reminded of our own mortality. That is why we want to kill animals kindly and compassionately. It’s for us. Not them. Animals in the wild? The nature of that existence canada goose outlet uk is shortage, predation, exposure, and especially lots and lots of nasty and ferociously painful death. That is canada goose parka uk the essential reality, and we describe it as “wild” for a good reason. Compare that with a zoo, where food is assured, predation is eliminated, and kind and loving higher beings observe your health and administer medical care and relief from pain as needed. Zoos: 1 Nature: 0 buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose clearance Dear god, what an absolute canada goose outlet factory mess of a comment. No, my veganism does not make me view confinement of animals as bad, my experiences with seeing abuse of confined animals is what informed and motivated my veganism. The causality runs the other way. You can all you want about the chaos but in the end what you giving is an opinion. Are you interested in facts? You certainly canada goose outlet online uk talk a lot about Can you address the worse health outcomes for confined animals, which I explained? Can you explain why evolutionary pressure in the natural environment would result in an animal being better suited to an artificial enclosure? Why would leading a less active lifestyle with a lower quality diet result in a better life? Why do you think a profit driven enterprise would value the quality of life of its animals, when this is often contradictory to their own financial interests? canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka You talk about logic but I would argue that it is logical to assume sentient, reactive beings experience pain and stress and fear. I think it is also logical that if we can avoid harming a sentient creature, we should. Why hurt an animal if you don need to? You going to have to explain your understanding of the basic concept of because if a right is that which one is entitled to, or inherently deserves, I don see why this can or shouldn be applied to animals. You may have been conditioned to believe that animals are undeserving of but that an opinion. Logic and ethics are both socially constructed they aren innate natural laws. Despite what you want to believe, your personal opinions on logic and socially constructed rights do not represent already explained to you why removal of predation at the cost of a life of lethargy and boredom is not necessarily going to improve the life of an animal. Everything else you said is mere conjecture or opinion on your behalf. If you want to talk facts, as I said, please respond to my questions in the first paragraph. Canada Goose Parka

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The savage environment faced by animals in the wild is not an opinion. It is a metaphysical fact. Residents must fight for each and every meal, disease and destruction by weather extremes is a constant factor, everyone is a member of a food chain and is subject to being eaten alive on a daily basis. For example, let me look out my window. The first thing I see is a robin. Let’s look that up. 30% of songbird chicks make it through their first year of life. So metaphysical fact: 70% of songbird babies in the wild are DEAD within a year. Not resting. Not pining for the fjords. DEAD! And how did they die? In songbird hospice? No. Their heads and eyes and brains were bitten off while they were just learning to use them. THAT is the natural environment for animals. So don’t give me the “I worked in a zoo” line of nonsense and the animals are abused. Animals are not abused. They are confined, and that is eminently superior to being wiped out by whoever wants to eat you alive, or by some random bacteria for which canada goose vest outlet nobody is going to offer you medical care.

Next. Rights. Rights are not “entitled to”. Rights are not intrinsic. Rights are not “inherently deserved”. Rights are a human invention designed to modulate human interaction. Because of human nature and human intelligence. Intelligent living beings that are self aware, temporally aware, and existentially aware, and for whom there is the capacity to rebuild the entire environment in which they live, require the invention of behavioral restraints so as to enable cooperation, reliance, and predictability over time. That’s who gets rights. Not dumb animals. Rights are an invention, rights have a purpose, and rights are only applicable to the particular life form whose nature requires them.

Sentience is irrelevant. Pain mechanisms are irrelevant. Rights are not applied based on these factors. In fact, it is directly observable that attempting to apply rights to animals, or plants, or rocks, is irrational. So no animal rights.

canadian goose jacket If you want to appeal to emotion, and Disneyification of the food chain, I’m fine with that. Persuade others to react emotionally to the treatment of animal life and go vegan. But some of us are rejecting the sentience and pain mechanism nonsense. We will continue to eat meat out of taste preference and rational common sense. Animals are objects, not people. And they are here to be eaten, killed, loved, cared for, destroyed, or researched based on human needs and human wants and human preferences canadian goose jacket.


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